Case Study

helping an improv theater group stop winging it

First a founder left, then the bookkeeper left. Then Covid hit.




We interviewed the team to figure out what had been being done as well as what needed to be done, reviewed all of the files, and helped them put procedures in place so that things were not falling through the cracks anymore. We worked with their existing troupe to implement procedures, so everyone know who was responsible for things and who to ask when people had questions. The new systems help them fulfill their mission to give artists work and pay them promptly.


Systems to Support the Organization’s Broader Goals


The executive director left and the institutional knowledge left with him. This included the donor list, bank account passwords, books and more. Nobody knew how to access the core resources.


We interviewed the key staff members and reviewed the digital files and were able to find most of the information. More critically we put systems in place so this would never happen again. We clarified the organizational hierarchy, eliminated the redundant tasks to reduce workload, simplified the required paperwork, and educated the staff on new procedures. 


“You have helped me make informed decisions in the business that I know for sure I wouldn’t have been able to make otherwise. You are vital to my business’ success”

Arianna M. Owner, Essents of Flowers

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